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Welcome To
Elevate Family Office
A Boutique Family Office Built For Plaintiff Attorneys
How much time do you
and your family spend managing
your financial affairs?
How valuable would it be to have a trusted, highly
competent, and coordinated team doing that for
you to free up your time?
Now Imagine A Family Office that does all of that
and is designed specifically for
plaintiff attorneys.

What Sets Elevate Family Office Apart

From traditional family offices

Cutting edge Life insurance solutions to facilitate law firm succession and estate liquidity

Mass Tort related investments only available to Family Office members, e.g. , investing in case dockets, lending to firms, in the most tax efficient manner.

Co-operation and collaboration with other Family Office members…creating partnerships and opportunities not otherwise available

Access to capital from hedge fund lenders

Special arrangements with key vendors

Tax efficient investments, through our partners at Brook-Hollow, only available to plaintiff attorneys

Quarterly meetings and events with members

Elevate Family Office

A Boutique Family Office Built For Plaintiff Attorneys

The Family Office concept has been refined to simplify the lives of those whose wealth requires very high degrees of management, coordination, and planning.

A comprehensive approach provides and expert team that minimizes demands and stress for the entrepreneur.

Imagine how valuable that would be for you.


1111 Lincoln Road, 5th Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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+1 312 933 6465

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